Dark Harbour

Dark Harbour
Author(s): David Hosp

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Scott Finn worked his way out of Boston's toughest neighbourhood to become a rising star in the city's most elite law firm. When the body of Natalie Caldwell, one of his closest colleagues and former lover, is found floating in Boston harbour, it appears she is the seventh victim of the Jack-the-Ripper-style murderer terrorising Boston. But police detective Linda Flaherty isn't so sure. With Natalie's death, Finn inherits a coveted, high-profile assignment that could clinch his career. Suddenly he finds himself the prime suspect in her murder. Finn needs to save himself, and the only way is to dig into the secrets of Natalie's life

The characters are sufficiently rendered to be remembered long after the book has been finished' - oncewritten.com
  • Read by: Jeff Harding
  • No. of CDs: 9
  • ISBN: 978-0-85735-721-2
  • Playing time: 11hrs 40mins



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