The Memory of Lost Senses

The Memory of Lost Senses
Author(s): Judith Kinghorn

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OCD 714

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When a mysterious countess arrives at a deserted house in a Hampshire village in 1911 no one is more intrigued than Cecily Chadwick. Cecily is fascinated by the exotic elderly lady and, as she gets to know her, is riveted by her tales. But the countess is troubled by her memories and by threats to reveal a ruinous secret... She has decided her close friend, a novelist, should put the record straight. For aspiring writer Cecily, the novelist's presence adds to the pull of the house. But it is the countess's grandson, Jack, and his unanswered questions about his grandmother's past that draw Cecily further into the tangled web of the countess's life.

... a glorious read' - Bookseller
  • Read by: Jane McDowell
  • No. of CDs: 11
  • ISBN: 978-0-85735-814-1
  • Playing time: 13hrs 12mins



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