Agent of Rome: The Siege

Agent of Rome: The Siege
Author(s): Nick Brown

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OCD 747

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Rome has ruled Syria for over three centuries. But now Queen Zenobia of Palmyra has turned her Roman-trained army against her former masters and the legions have been crushed. Cassius Corbulo, a young intelligence agent, must take command of Alauran, the last Roman stronghold and hold it until reinforcements arrive. What Cassius finds there would daunt the most seasoned veteran. With the Palmyrans just days away, Cassius must find the discipline, resourcefulness and courage to organise the garrison, save Alauran and secure Rome's eastern frontier ...

Brown promises to be one of the most exciting sword-wielding writers in an ever-popular arena' _ The Oxford Times
  • No. of CDs: 11
  • ISBN: 978-0-85735-847-9
  • Playing time: 13hrs 30mins



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