The Night Falling

The Night Falling
Author(s): Katherine Webb

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OCD 894

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Puglia, 1921. Leandro Cardetta emigrated to America to make his fortune and has returned a rich man. Now Leandro has money enough to hire renowned English architect, Boyd Kingsley, to renovate a crumbling palazzo and host Boyd's teenage son and his wife, Clare. Ether, Leonard's nephew, a Great War veteran, has sworn to identify his fiancee's killer, and take his revenge. He is too proud to go to his uncle for charity, but when he injures himself one day, he has no choice. Meeting Clare there will change everything - and in the most violent way. During the fierce summer of 1921 hearts will be broken, blood will be spilt and the hardest of life's lessons will be learnt as shadows fall.

  • No. of CDs: 12
  • ISBN: 978-0-85735-281-5
  • Playing time: 14hrs 39mins



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