Music for the People

Music for the People
Author(s): Gareth Malone

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OCD 502

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In this funny, evocative, personal book, Gareth Malone takes us on a journey of musical discovery. Over the course of three series of the Bafta award-winning The Choir, Gareth has unearthed a passion for classical music in schoolchildren, reluctant teenage boys, and even a whole town. With his infectious enthusiasm and gift for explanation, his very personal narrative leads you through a world of colourful personalities that make up the story of Classical Music.

'Why do we love Gareth? Seriously, you have to ask?'
Daily Mail

'One of the most strangely beguiling presences television has ever uncovered: impish but laconic, funny and yet still resolute, reserved but shameless, camp but dignified - and clearly a bloody good choirmaster.'
The Guardian

About the Choir:

'As profoundly a moving piece of television as has ever been made'
The Independent

'The mystery at the heart of The Choir is Malone's charisma'
The Times

  • Read by: The Author
  • No. of CDs: 7
  • ISBN: 978-0-85735-344-3
  • Playing time: 8hrs 35mins



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