A Hard Day's Work

A Hard Day's Work
Author(s): Patricia Warren

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OCD 120

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More Tales From the Country Matchmaker Founder of the hugely-successful Farmers' and Country Bureau, matchmaker Patricia Warren's story of her life in a stone farmhouse is interwoven with the tales of the ups and downs of her clients. Patricia matched Lucy, looking for love in the remote Falkland Islands, with the man of her dreams. She acted as go-between for the man who was so overcome with shyness that he had admired a lady from afar for eight years. Patricia's stories of rural love prove that although the road can be rocky, it often leads to true love.

'She may among the first of a new literary phenomenon, that of reassurance reading. Faith-in-humanity-restoring writing, if you like. It's a genre whose time has come' -Daily Mail

  • Read by: Rebecca Blech
  • No. of CDs: 6
  • ISBN: 978-1-84648-260-1
  • Playing time: 7hrs



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