Bug Brother & Pirate Brother

Bug Brother & Pirate Brother
Author(s): Pete Johnson

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COCD 003

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Two charming stories about Jamie and his magic cape. In Bug Brother Jamie decides to turn his annoying brother into a bluebottle with the help of his magic cape. But then he can't change him back.And soon Mum and Dad will be home ... In Pirate Brother Jamie uses his magic cape to make his hero, Brave Bill the boy pirate, appear. He goes to school with him, but then Brave Bill starts shrinking teachers and Jamie's in really big trouble. What can he do?

As well as being an entertaining book to read aloud, this book would prove to be a popular choice for a class or school library. During Literacy Hour, the story provides a structure and a theme, which children could use for a model in their own writing' - English Four to Eleven Magazine

  • Read by: Evelyn McLean
  • No. of CDs: 2
  • ISBN: 978-1-84648-194-9
  • Playing time: 2hrs 10mins



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